Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Be There With Bells On

My fabulous party planning extraordinaire sister started a new blog.

Check it out here: http://betherewithbellson.tumblr.com/

Pinterest Challenge

A few of my favorite bloggers, Katie, Sherry, Emily, and Lana got together and created a Pinterest Challenge.

They did a great job on their projects. You should check out Katie's shim mirror, Sherry and John's clothes pin pendant lamp, Emily's nailhead closet doors, and Lana's chalkboard fridge.

Lucky for me, I just completed one of my favorite finds on Pinterest this past weekend so I get to join in on the link up fun.

Here is the inspiration and instructions that I used to make my large starburst mirror.

Beautiful isn't it?

I followed Cassie's instructions for the most part. I wanted to hang this above our bed in the master bedroom so I decided to switch it up a little by staining the shims. I also didn't want to spend $20 on the mirror so I just went with a 14" beveled mirror that I found a Hobby Lobby for $5 with a coupon.

A little staining tip for anyone wanting to do a DIY staining project themselves...vegetable oil takes stain off of skin. I somehow managed to get stain all over me and the vegetable oil worked like a charm.

Here's my beauty.  She's a big one too. I wasn't sure if she'd fit above the bed, but she did (just barely).

Thanks Katie, Sherry, Emily and Lana for hosting this challenge! I'm already looking forward to the next one.